Terex AC 250-1 AC 250-1 All Terrain Crane Features
  • All Terrain Cranes are configurable in many different ways.
  • Additional to the main boom cranes are extendable with folding swing-away jib (with SL), Light fixed jib (with offset section and SL Strong fixed jib (with offset section and SL), (Strong) Luffing fly jib (optimized for lifting capacity), Luffing fly jib (optimized for lifting capacity, with offset section and SL) and Runner.
  • Optimal rust protection through painting each component separately and aluminium covering ensures a long life time. The execution of the weld is corrosion unsusceptible ensures a long life time as well.
  • Every single feature of a Terex® All Terrain Crane is an asset with a high resale value supported by quality workmanship and components.
Quick Specs
  • Capacity Class, t (US tons) – 250 (300)
  • Max main boom length, m (ft) – 80 (262.5)
  • Max system length, m (ft)- 113.2 (371.4)